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The Ontario Reception Network Group


ORNG is a standing committee of the ESL/ELD Resource Group of Ontario. ORNG Members are board designated educators that specialize in receiving and providing initial assessments to newcomer students and/or English language learners (ELLs) in Ontario schools.


Our Work


ORNG members lead, implement and support policy and programs for the initial assessment and reception of newcomer students. We collaborate and share best practices for supporting ELLs, newcomer students, and their families as they enter Ontario's school system.


ORNG Meeting Dates: 2023-2024


9:30 am-11:00 am (meeting links will be sent by email)


Wednesday November 22, 2023

Wednesday February 21, 2024

Wednesday June 19, 2024







Reception and Assessment of Newcomer Students


Following the Ministry of Education's policy for ESL and ELD programs and services, newcomer students must complete initial literacy and numeracy assessments before starting school. Ontario school boards offer a variety of reception and assessment procedures.


Large school boards offer central welcome centres where registration and initial math and language assessments are completed before newcomer students start at their local school. Other school boards have itinerant teachers that visit each school to assist with registration of newcomers and initial assessments. Some school boards only assess secondary students while others assess students across both elementary and secondary panels. These decisions are based on the enrollment and size of the school board.



Contact ORNG for more information


Jennifer Freudenthal 


Toronto DSB

[email protected] 


Colleen Elep


Peel DSB

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