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The Complexity of Recognizing the ABCs For English Language Learners: More than Twenty-Six Sounds

Marroquin, R. (2020). Contact Magazine, Fall 2020. Retrieved February 19, 2021 from http://contact.teslontario.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Marroquin.pdf


This article depicts the different sounds that certain vowels and consonants acquire, either on their own or when put together with another one. Starting from this point of departure, the intention of the article is to support teachers, especially of English language learners (both as L1 and L2), specifically at an early step of language acquisition (in ESL program as step 1 and 2) but not limited to.  The English language has numerous language irregularities clearly visible when one reads it. For this reason, I find it important to help the teacher realize how to anticipate any language blocks that an ELL may incur, specifically with reading. Hence why this article was written. Though there are more that could be added to this document, it provides a starting point to the complexity of our English language.


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