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ERGO Members are:

From public school boards in Ontario, Canada, only; Board of Education representatives with central responsibility for supporting ESL/ELD Programs and Services (ie. consultant/ coordinator/ administrator/ instructional lead teacher).


New ERGO members must complete the online membership application, upload a signed Supervisory Approval form, and pay membership fee online.   Registration is open from September-November each year.


Returning ERGO members will be emailed an annual Renewal Communication in late August with a link to renew membership. This link is individualized to each specific member and cannot be shared.

ERGO Non-Voting Members are:

Retired ERGO members who maintain involvement in the field of ESL/ELD;

Invited by ERGO Executive to represent Faculties of Education, Post-Secondary Institutions, a Private School Association, an Independent School Association, and/or other professional Subject Associations.


Registration Closed Until Fall 2024   

ESL/ELD Ontario School Board Lead - with signed permission from a superintendent


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ERGO & ORNG members - update as needed


ORNG Members are:

School board designated educators, Initial Language Assessment teachers and Reception Centre assessors or staff, who are involved in the reception and initial language and math assessment of newcomer students and/or English language learners in publically funded Ontario schools.


Registration Closed Until Fall 2024

ESL/ELD Initial Assessor in an Ontario school - school board representative


We encourage ESL/ELD educators to connect, collaborate and share resources and best practices.  Create your professional learning network and start with @ergoontario. 


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 We are always working to advocate for equitable access to learning opportunities for all ELLs and understand that this work can be challenging.  Our work is focussed on advocating for ELLs within Ontario schools in Canada.  We learn with and from some of the most diverse student populations in the world.   ERGO members are always looking to connect with and learn from ESL/ELD educators, researchers and experts from around the world to better support ELLs, their families, and their educators across Ontario schools.




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